What is Gong Fu? What is Real Arnis? What are Martial Arts? What is The Art of Movement?

There are many different terms to answer all these questions and it all sounds important and familiar. But where is the line between which is correct and incorrect?

Surely there are large differences in the individual arts. However, a fist will remain always a fist, a kick always a kick, and a step always a step. It is not important if it comes from the side, upwards or downwards. It always remains the same.

If we stretch our body and breathe in deeply and relax, do we have a workout than? Although we are not in the training hall, are we not still training?

We are always training! If we run, eat, walk, drive a car, work or even go to the gym. We always train our abilities and our senses.

The martial arts training helps improve all our abilities and senses. The way is always different, but the basis and fundamental goal is always the same- To improve ourselves.